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"We're confused", say MDPGA

Nothing new there then...

Rent Allowance, Scotland

 We understand this on-going saga of DPF proportions could be at an end soon.

MDPGA accused of interfering with pension rights

Civil servants from the Ministry of Defence Police & Guarding Agency (MDPGA) allegedly acting in cohorts with the People Pay and Pensions Agency (PPPA) have hijacked hundreds of pensioner’s letters enquiring about their pension rights.

At first, MDPGA claimed the letters were a hoax; then they changed their story saying they were not official documents and then claimed that, as they were the ‘policy holders’, PPPA referred the letters to MDPGA.

Many of those pensioners and others who belong to the Civil Service Pension Scheme are writing to their MP’s; to the Chief Executive of the PPPA; to the Information Commissioner (because PPPA should never have forwarded a private and confidential enquiry to a third party) and some have written to the Cabinet Office and the Prime Minister.

MDPGA and PPPA have subverted the legitimate rights of members of a pension scheme to enquire about their pensions - we want to know, why?


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