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Ministry of Defence Police

Who are the police-boatModPol?

They are the MOD's own dedicated civil police force of around 3,500 officers with full constabulary powers. They operate at MOD sites throughout the UK, wherever our services are required.

MOD Police at work

We are organised into five divisional commands, whose headquarters are located at York, Aldershot, Aldermaston, Foxhill and Clyde Naval Base.

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All of their officers are weapons trained and at any time 70% of officers on duty carry firearms, either pistols or rifles. They are deployed at around 120 MOD sites requiring police officers and an armed security capability. This includes the guarding of Britain's nuclear deterrent.

Our role

Their role is to apply constabulary powers and civil police training to combat the principal risks of crime and disorder faced by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). We concentrate on four key areas of operation.

Armed security

The capability to deter and respond to an armed attack on defence personnel and property.

Private Security and People Search

The Team Specialises in Tracing:

  • Friends
  • Relatives
  • Assets
  • Debtors
  • Offenders
  • Suspects

Uniformed policing

  • The effective use of police powers to deter, detect and respond to crime and disorder.
  • Crime investigation
  • The investigation of crime that impacts significantly against defence capability.
  • Defence policing policy
  • We contribute to defence policing policy.
  • In addition, we have a fifth key area of operation.

Top cop says sorry to nuke film viewers

The Thames Valley’s chief constable has apologised to Reading film fans after police were seen taking notes outside the screening of an anti-nuke film.

International policing

The contribution of specialist policing expertise in support of wider defence and foreign policy objectives. In this role we act in support of the defence issues – being a force for good in the world and strengthening international peace and security.

Security and Intelligence
in this section:


Mold and Buckley councillors raise concerns over policing

LESS bobbies on the beat and the closure of the county’s only custody suite have been among the concerns raised by Mold and Buckley community leaders about police cuts.

MOD Police and Guarding Agency

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