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The background to this page is used on the member's pages and part of a larger picture depicting the many facets of MDP - uniformed officers, CID, Dog Handlers Patrol and Specialist Units, Police Band, and Civilian Support.

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Just over 12 months ago, ModPol was published on the Internet by a serving MDP officer.

With MDP at many stations throughout the UK, he identified a need for people to keep in touch, exchange news and views or, just have a good chin-wag via the Net.

From a handful of defence solicitors London members who joined this 'club', the membership steadily grew.

He added more to the site and enabled people to seek expert advice on many topics, a caption competition and a discussion forum.

The site grew to the extent that other members agreed to assist him to maintain and develop the site further.

Eventually, a Team was formed to manage the site which, by this year, had grown to include two other sites (sub-webs) all part of ModPol but managed by individual officers to ease the workload.

By October 2019, the membership had grown to over 600, most of whom are serving police officers.

Representing a sizable proportion of MDP, our numbers continue to grow.

Having extended the membership to include former members of MDP, we include a former Chief Constable and representatives of most ranks.

ModPol is the largest club of it's kind and our purpose is simply to allow our members to 'network' through the power of a medium that knows no boundaries.


From our public access pages we hope to extend support for Police Charities and promote other charities supported by police officers.

Parts of ModPol are hosted in the US with our main servers in the Netherlands - all maintained from the UK.

"The Ministry of Defence Police is unique. We are a truly national police force, protecting Ministry of Defence Property and personnel throughout Britain"

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